Supportress April’s progress

Hi folks! I am happy to share last month’s progress on Supportress. Quick reminder, Supportress is a simple, fast and reliable customer support tool at an unbeatable price. HeavyMelon is the company myself and Ilias have founded, and Supportress is our first SaaS product.

Our progress

  • You can now move a discussion from one queue to another.
  • Easy way to discover the email address and public URL of a queue.
  • When a queue has new discussions we show an indication.
  • We show a notification when new discussions arrive.
  • Rename a queue, and we’ll redirect you if you visit the old URL.
  • Capture any email by forwarding it to Supportress.
  • Display prompt in new invitation page only when it makes sense.
  • Improved how we show who responded last in the queues list.
  • Improved the public message email when you reply in a discussion.
  • Improved the organization member invitation email.
  • Pending tasks show the default queue email address & public URL.
  • Added length constraints in organization or queue names and more.
  • Various updates and security fixes in our dependencies.
  • We are now using Ruby 2.6.6.
  • We now have additional security auditing during the CI process.
  • We linked to from our footer.
  • We display a BETA sign everywhere to avoid misunderstandings :).
  • You can now watch a queue and a discussion.
  • Watchers get an email when a new discussion lands in a queue.
  • Watchers get an email when a new message lands in a discussion.
  • You can download the original email file of a discussion.
  • Numerous bug fixes I am not listing not to bore you.
  • Started working on GDPR compliance.

Full sneak peek video

Here is our full sneak peek video. There are English and Greek captions if you cannot hear me well.

What’s next?

We have opened up our private beta period. If you would like to participate, you can ask us to create an organization for you.

HeavyMelon is building Supportress. A simple and fast customer support tool at an unbeatable price. It helps you stay calm and productive. Subscribe to this blog, subscribe to our monthly HeavyMelon Newsletter, or ask us to add you to the private beta.

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