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One predictor of a company’s success is the level of their customer satisfaction. There are many other factors of course. Things like whether what you are offering has a market, your business plan, your competition and more.

Whatever you do, though, if your customers are not happy you will not go far.

There are many ways to keep customers happy. Given you have something they need, if you invest in employee happiness you increase the chances. There are studies on the topic that showed there is a correlation. Especially in industries where the employees have close interactions with their customers.

As you may know, we are building a customer support tool called Supportress. Our vision is to help support teams be productive through the use of our tool. Productive teams are happy teams. Based on the studies, happy teams can result in happy customers.

Here are some of the questions we ask for every feature we add:

  • What is the problem we are solving?
  • Is this improving the day to day lives of support specialists?
  • In what way does it increase their productivity?
  • Can we think of ways to make it easier to use?
  • Is there a better way to solve the problem?

Every question we ask helps us build a tool that is a pleasure to use. People are going to use it every day for hours at a time. It must be an environment they enjoy using. It must be a tool that increases their productivity.

Main points

  • If you want happy customers, look at how to improve employee satisfaction

HeavyMelon is building Supportress. A simple and fast customer support tool at an unbeatable price. It helps you stay calm and productive. Subscribe to this blog, subscribe to our monthly HeavyMelon Newsletter, or ask us to add you to the private beta.

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