Supportress March 2020 progress update

We would like to start sending out monthly progress updates on Supportress. This is the first one.

What is Supportress?

Supportress is a customer service tool we are building. We were tired of tools that are not focused on productivity and happiness, and we wanted to do something about it.

What have we shipped?

We have implemented all the basic features of a web based email client plus a few features that make it look a bit more like a customer support tool:

  • We call the emails “Discussions”
  • You can have multiple queues where discussions can end up in
  • Each queue can have a public form
  • They also have a public email address
  • The discussions can have private messages
  • Web notifications
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most things (productivity)

Where’s Supportress at this point?

  • We have deployed Supportress to production for the first time! YAY!
  • We have started using it ourselves!

Official deployment (including our landing page) happened on February 29th. This means our anniversary is in 4 years 😁.

What are we working on?

We are implementing the following features to polish Supportress:

  • Move discussions from one queue to another
  • Pop up notification when new discussions land in Queues and Discussions view
  • Full support for attachments
  • Ability to capture new discussions by forwarding an email
  • Editing discussion subject and customer email addresses with history

What’s next?

We are pretty close to starting to add beta testers. Our next update should start the process, so watch this space 🙇‍♂️.

Here is a teaser

Supportress Queues

We are building a support tool called Supportress to help teams stay calm, be happy and productive, and have happy customers. Subscribe to this blog, or express your interest to participate in the private beta.

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