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HeavyMelon is our new calmup, and we’d like to welcome you to its blog. This blog is an extension of our company. A place for us to share our ideas and experiences. Talk about our philosophy and beliefs, and share news about the products we are building.

HeavyMelon is not new actually. It goes back. We first introduced the name under a different company back in 2010. It was when Ilias and I created a startup for food delivery in Greece. Ilias is my friend and business partner.

The moon, Thessaloniki.

After a year of development, another service won the market. Lesson learned. When you try to create a marketplace, it’s not always easy to bootstrap it. You need to burn cash for advertisement and active, on the spot, sales. That’s actual people traveling the country to bring in stores.

Fast-forward to today, we want to build a calmup. What is a calmup? It’s the opposite of a startup. We don’t want to get rounds of funding to grow fast. We want to grow in a controlled way. We want to bootstrap our business. I’ve written a small explanation on my personal blog.

We are doing this by creating the first version of our product, as fast as it makes sense. In the meantime, we want to start showing it to potential customers. Let us know if you are interested.

Our goal is to make something that customers want to pay for, day one.

The way we are building our company, can create a calm working environment. We are 100% remote. This means we value a calm and asynchronous working environment and communication.

My 9 year experience at GitHub Support helped us choose to build a support tool as our first product.

In a way, we want to extend the calmness of our company. We want to find Support teams that will appreciate how our opinionated support tool is going to work.

We named our tool Supportress, and our goal is to start an early alpha testing period later this year.

We want support teams to have calm working conditions.

HeavyMelon’s vision for Support teams

Calm support teams, will maintain their human voice, and have happy customers.

Watch this space to learn more about our journey.

Follow us at Twitter if you prefer that.

If you want to know more about Supportress, the support tool we are building, we’d love to talk to you. Please contact us. No strings attached. Our sales process is going to be calm too 😃.

If you would like to read more about my personal side of the story, I’ve written about it over at

HeavyMelon is building Supportress. A simple and fast customer support tool at an unbeatable price. It helps you stay calm and productive. Subscribe to this blog, subscribe to our monthly HeavyMelon Newsletter, or ask us to add you to the private beta.

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Head of Support at @GitBook where I build a calm Support team. Learning Elixir. Writing 2D retro games. Previously @GitHub.

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